The Mindhunter Effect

September 1, 2019

Some light reading for your Sunday evening… I had a thought while watching Mindhunter recently and wondered how many people would be Googling who the murderers were while watching the show (great show by the way).

So, I just threw the names into Google Trends and low and behold, you can see a massive spike in searches on the day season 2 was released on the 16th of August 2019 for all the murderers featured in that season.

Interestingly, the search for Paul Bateson spikes again about a week later. I’m only speculating, but I think that might be because he’s featured near the end of the season and people may have been finishing the show the following weekend post launch.

Edmund Kemper - Google Trends Screenshot

Wayne Williams - Google Trends Screenshot

Tex Watson - Google Trends Screenshot

Paul Bateson - Google Trends Screenshot

Elmer Wayne Henly - Google Trends Screenshot

Charles Manson - Google Trends Screenshot

BTK Killer - Google Trends Screenshot

Son of Sam - Google Trends Screenshot

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