Almost Ghosts – Light Falls Music Video

August 8, 2016

Incredibly proud of this music video that I made with a group of wonderfully talented friends for Almost Ghosts‘ new song “Light Falls”.

Almost Ghosts Light Falls Animated Gif

Shot by myself and codirected by my good friend David Dooley & and my fiancé Conor Biddle. Lighting by Conor too 🙂

That morph effect at 3:49? That was done by me and totally didn’t take hours to do… I swear…

Almost Ghosts_Light Falls_03

Produced by David Dooley
DOP: Sean Smyth (me!)
DV Cameras: Garry Kenny & Dan Curran
Editor: Alec Moore with David Dooley & Conor Biddle
Grading: Peter Cooney
Lighting Design: Conor Biddle
Graphics: David Dooley

Almost Ghosts_Light Falls_02

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