Animated gif Text Mask Example

March 8, 2019

Like a lot of people online, I was extremely impressed with the iPhone Xr’s website. It was beautiful and interactive and tastefully used some new techniques that I hadn’t really seen on a production site.

Below is one such example of this. The lovely, abstract image that’s masked by the text.

iPhone Xr site

I had a dig around and wanted to see if I could bring it a bit further and see if I could use an animated gif. I tried to add the blur effect directly on the background image but this inadvertently blurred the text aswell.

See the Pen Clip Mask – Animated gif Text Mask – CSS – Apple iPhone Xr by Sean Smyth (@sean_smyth) on CodePen.

I’m sure there’s a clever way around this but I got around this for the purposes of this demo by using Cloudinary and using a blur image transform as seen below.

Gif of Homer Simpson Frolicking with a blurred filter on it
The Blurry Gif
Gif of Homer Simpson Frolicking
The Original Gif

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