Homestay easyJet In-flight Magazine Ad

May 11, 2016

This project came in as a last-minute challenge for us in It’s always last minute, isn’t it?

We were given the opportunity to place a full paged ad (A4) in easyJet’s inflight magazine called “Traveller” which has a circulation of about 4 million / month. The ad was to be placed on page 5 and run for 3 months so there’d be a lot of eyeballs on them.

We had 3 days notice to come up with the first concept, mock it up, get initial sign off, tweak, finish the design and get final sign off…

The Process

Working closely with Kim Gillick for copy and ideation, we brainstormed ideas and came up with a few concepts that we thought could work for the audience. easyJet have a huge business clientele but we couldn’t alienate the average flyer either.

The Final Pieces (3 of 13)
The first ad was brand focused. We tried to demonstrate exactly what Homestay. com is for someone with no prior knowledge. You can see the March eMagazine here (Page 5!). (2 of 13)
The second ad was along a similar vein. We opted for a different image and tweaked the design a little. You can see the April eMagazine here (Page 5!). (6 of 13)
The third ad was focused more on the business flyer. They’re already flying and presumably already have accommodation booked. However, we wanted to plant the seed for the next time they’re travelling that they might think of with a “Better Luck Next Time” kind of vibe. You can see the May eMagazine here (Page 5!).

The Detail (4 of 13) (4 of 13) (5 of 13) (5 of 13) (7 of 13) (7 of 13) (8 of 13) (8 of 13) (1 of 13) (1 of 13)

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