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August 29, 2013

I took live photos of Jinx Lennon back in May 2015 at Vantastival for GoldenPlec. He got in touch asking to use the photos for his website and social accounts. We arranged a price and it’s always great to see my photo used by a client.

However, as I was looking at his online presence I noticed that his website wasn’t exactly pretty or incredibly functional. It was one page that was incredibly long. Every news update that Jinx would post was simply appended to the top. This resulted in an incredibly long web page with a huge amount of content which also meant that it was slow to load.

He used to update the site using a WYSIWYG editor and manually updated the HTML file every time using FTP. It wasn’t the most elegant or convenient solution so I offered my services to help him.

There was some functionality that we felt really needed to be included:


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I currently work as a Creative Designer & Email Marketing Specialist for Homestay.com. I'm also a Live Music Photographer and Social Manager for GoldenPlec.

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